B&G Podcast 15: BAGR Roundtable Discussion


Episode 15: BAGR Roundtable Discussion
October 4, 2018

Had the pleasure of swinging by Eugene, Oregon to meet up at John Zerzan’s house over last weekend along with five other current and former editors of Black and Green Review to talk about the journal, direction, discussion about the anarchist milieu and the directions to push anti-civ discussion. Featuring John Zerzan, Evan Cestari, Lilia, Cliff Hayes, and Yank.

B&G Podcast 14: Cults and Personalities


B&G Podcast 14: Cults and Personalities
Sept. 24, 2018

A brief response on a 1991 school book on explorers. Focusing on cults and how civilization demands people be broken via domestication. Starting with the NXIVM cult. Reading from ‘Society Without Strangers’ and talk of neoteny. How primal anarchy shapes us, how domestication breaks us, how civilization requires us to be broken, and how cults and gurus can come in to prey on the remnants. Yoga gurus and sexual predation. Other human failures. And the reaping of toxic masculinity among Operation Werewolf and other parasites.

B&G Podcast 12: States of War, Wars of States


Black and Green Podcast 12: 9-6-2018.

Podcast housecleaning, giving call in messages a shot. Supporting Black & Green. A bit about Of Gods and Country. Pinker, Chagnon, sociobiologists and their retelling of violence as a revisionist form of human history to bury our actual nature. Warfare and conquest. Seeing domestication in minutiae vs bigger picture. Guayaki brand yerba mate and their site cleansing, follow up to episode 8, renewed attacks. Limits of boycotts and attacking industry. Depression palate cleanser. Reading from Of Gods on the Ache. 

B&G Podcast 11: 8-12-2018

Black and Green Podcast 11: 8-12-2018

Black and Green Review 6 timeline. Anniversaries of Charlottesville and execution of Mike Brown in the unending tension of social media and civilization. Poem break: Joan Kovatch's 'Timing'. Of Gods and Country, update, overview and reading. Murder of native women and the legacies and institutions of colonization. Intergenerational trauma and domestication. Why hunter-gatherers matter.

B&G Podcast 10: 7-3-2018

Episode 10: 7-3-2018
'Of Gods and Country' update. MD newspaper shooter and facial recognition software. Colonizers and headhunters in 'Severed.' Identity politics, social media, and seeing faces on a new virtual landscape and the rise of a new ethno-nationalism. Dear Antifa. 

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B&G Podcast 9: 6-5-2018

Black & Green Podcast 9: 6-5-2018.

Some podcast housecleaning, now available on the Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network, upcoming Goodlife Revival interview and Gathered Remains promo. Info on submitting work for Black and Green Review no 6. Monsanto's insane 'Climate Fieldview' "social network": automation and automatons for a dismal future. Discussion on Barbara Ehrenreich's excellent new book Natural Causes. On growing up a Zionist and writing a book about Christian missionaries, but not overlooking the colonization of Israel. Readings from Fredy Perlman.

B&G Podcast 8: 5-6-2018

Black & Green Podcast 8, Parts 1 & 2: 5-6-2018. 

The unfortunate murder of "Ayahuasca shaman", Olivia Arévalo Lomas. Colonization and entitlement. The madness of the frontier and how the white murderer remains the story. The creepy world of guru tourism. The failed search for meaning as captives within civilization and how colonization powers entitlement escapism. The implications for rewilding. Bashing the feel-good eco-capitalism of Guayaki brand yerba mate. The genocide of the Aché and who is complicit. Slavery and plantations as the product of missionaries. Rewilding and resisting a system that makes white privilege possible. Battling civilization as a whole rather than falling for gurus.