The world isn’t dying, it is being killed.


Every one of us was born a hunter-gatherer. We’ve been tamed and broken for a life of domestication. A life of accepting that we are better off with the freedom to be miserable than we are in a world of meaning and wild community. We are broken and tamed so that we are more likely to accept the risk of extinction than the potential to live.

Primal Anarchy Podcast (originally Black & Green Podcast) is a combination of rants, tirades, condemnations, readings, explorations, response, and iterations of anarcho-primitivist writer Kevin Tucker. If you get the feeling that we were meant for much more life, considerably more wildness, and just don’t feel quite at home in civilization, then this might be something to check out. If not, check it out anyways.



<— Burn that bridge. And others.



I hate the machine. Now you can too.